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Where Are They Now?? - Self Taught Or Not Show Update

In this episode Dylan and Erik discuss where they are at, and podcast and life updates

Is This The End??? Season 3 Ending

Is the podcast over? Is this our last episode! Listen up!

Why You Should Test Your Emails With Julia From Mailtrap!

In this episode we chat with Julia from Mailtrap.io. Julia teaches us all about email testing and why you should do it!

From Construction To Senior Software Developer - Interview With Jesse From CodeSTACKr!

In this episode we discuss with Jesse from Codestackr how he went from a construction worker to senior full stack developer

Dylan Gives A Very Important Update...

Dylan gives a mental health update and looking back at 2020 in this very special solo episode

Web Dev Q & A Mix Mash

Web Dev Q & A Mix Mash where we answer the most common dev questions on Reddit.

Mentoring Madness and New Job Ramp

Mentor or mentee take part in the madness and progress your career. We also dive into ramping up at a new job!

Covid and It's Lasting Changes on the Tech Industry

How has COVID impacted our lives and changed the tech industry?

Hobbies Holding It down

Today we talk about the importance of hobbies and how they hold you down outside the software world.

David Tang on Ember, Teaching, Code and Much More

Today we talk with David Tang and his many years of development experience, teaching part time web development and being an author.

Leaving a Job the Right Way

Moving onto better opportunities can be tricky. When to do it? How to do it without burning bridges? We dive into all of this and more!

2020 Review and Our Goals For 2021

2020 was not fun for a lot of us. In this episode we'll reflect how our software development and personal careers went in 2020 and what we want to accomplish for 2021.

Technical Skills > Soft Skills Change My Mind! And Other Controversial Subjects

Today we talk about a few different topics that are all over the place, but filled with values. From soft skills to remote life and mentality and much much more!

Marketing 101 for Developers

In this episode we'll be discussing all about promoting yourself to the best of your ability as an engineer. The world needs to know how great you are for great things...

Technical Interviewer Secrets! - Season 2 Episode 24

In this episode we discuss what it's like to interview people and some tips you should take a way!

Is Software Development All About The Money? Is Passion Required? Season 2 Episode 23

Is it OK to get into software development just for the money? Can you still be good at your job! Let's discuss, and also news in the YouTube world!

How To Go From A Junior Developer To A Senior Developer! - Season 2 - Episode 22

In this episode Dylan and Erik riff on how to become a senior developer. What to look out for, should you change jobs? Let's talk!

Why Do Developers Hate College? College Stories And More!

What Do You Think About Colleges? Why Do Developer go? Why don't they? Let's talk about it in this very special solo episode!

How To Get Started With Front-End Engineering

In this episode we talk about front-end engineering how to get started

5 Myths Junior Developers Have On Success In Web Development

There are some myths that junior developer have about the software industry. Let's bust them!

Life After A Coding Bootcamp - With Laura from Suitcase Coder

What is life like after graduating a coding bootcamp? How do you succeed? Let's talk to Laura!

Pair Programming Is Creating A New Type Of Developer - Season 2 Episode 15

What is Pair Programming? Does it make you a better developer? Let's talk!

How To Code Faster- And The Myth Of The 10x Developer

In this episode we look at coding faster. How can you code faster and be more efficient. And is the 10x developer real?

How To Get An Internship At Microsoft And Get A CS Degree - An Interview With Tech With Tim

How do you get an internship at Microsoft and is it worth getting a CS degree in 2020?

Dylan And Erik Get Salty About Web Development - Season 2 Episode 12

What makes us salty in web development? In this episode we tallk about IE, Algorithms, and more!

Expectations vs Reality For Software Developers - Season 2 Episode 11

What is your expectations when you're starting off as a software developer? Is it true to reality? Let's talk about it

You Don't Need A CS Degree To Be A Developer - But Should You Get One? - Season 2 Episode 10

In this episode we discuss what it's like to have CS degree and not in software development

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