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Top VSCode Themes And Extensions That We Use - Season 2 Episode 8

In this episode we are taking a look at the top VSCode plugins and extensions we use!

How To Get Started In YouTube for Developers and Our Favorite YouTubers - Season 2 Episode 7

In this episode we'll discuss YouTube. How to get started, and our favorite YouTubers

Rejection and Failure - Season 2 Episode 5

The path to failure is often ones of trial and error, but eventually leads to success.

The Top Programming Books Of All Time (And What You Should Read!)- Season 2 Episode 4

What books should you read as a developer? Let's find out!

Getting Started With TypeScript in 2020 - Season 2 Episode 3

What is TypeScript? Why should you use it? In this episode we look at TypeScript in 2020 and the trends you'll see!

How To Get Past The Junior Dev Struggle - Season 2 Episode 2

How do you get past that junior dev struggle? What are some things you can do to be a better employee! Let's talk!

Monetizing Side Projects in 2020 - Season 2 Episode 1

What do you need to do to monetize your side projects in 2020? How does it work? In this episode we'll discuss what you need to do to monetize your development side projects in 2020.

Is Being A Self-Taught Developer Right For You? - Episode 24

What does being a self-taught developer mean? What are the downsides, what are the upsides! Listen into this episode and find out!!!

What Makes A Senior Developer And Impostor Syndrome 2 - Episode 23

This is a smorgasbord episode. We revisit some of our older episode, give some feedback on Impostor syndrome, agile work places and working as a senior developer. We even discuss YouTube drama!

Best Ways To Use Open Source Software For Developers

What is open source, how do you use it? Let's talk!

From Call Center Failure To Developer And Author - Erik's Story - Episode 21

You've heard of Erik, but what is his origin story? In this episode we deep dive into Erik's back story and how he went from Tech Support / Call Center Flunkie, QA to Author and Developer!

How To Give An Amazing Conference Talk - Episode 20

Let's talk about conferences! Dylan spoke at his first conference let's see what happened!

Should You Test Your Code? Testing Guide 101 - Episode 19

How does one test? Should you test your app? Let's talk about it!

Survival Guide To Getting Laid Off For Developers - Episode 18

What do you do when you get laid off? How do you handle it? What has our experiences been in the past with getting laid off. What to look for in your next interview.

Is Bootstrap and jQuery Dead? Our Tech Rant Episode! - Episode 17

In todays episode Dylan goes off on a rant on un-needed libraries and frameworks like bootstrap, jQuery. We also discuss dependency helll and how to write good code.

The Truth About Remote Work As A Developer - Episode 15

The dream for many software developers is to work remotely. But how difficult is that really? In this episdoe we dive into all the aspects of remote work and the truth behind it.

Frontend vs Backend FIGHT - Episode 14

What career should you choose? The frontend with CSS/JS/HTML or the backend. What do each do, and what to think about!

How To Start A New Developer Job 101 - Episode 13

When you're starting a new job, how do you approach it? What should you do as the new developer in an organization. Let's talk!

Time Management For Developers - Episode 12

What do you need to do to become good at time management? How do you stay on track? Check this episode out!

The Angular Show - Episode 11

What is Angular? Why should you bother learning it? What are the ins and out of Angular!

Impostor Syndrome and Negative Mindsets In Software Development - Episode 10

Have you ever felt impostor syndrome? We discuss this topic and more in our self-taught or not podcast!

100% Self-Taught To Over 100k A Year - Dylan's Story

Dylan went from a pizza delivery driver to making over $100,000 dollars in less then 3 years. Find out how he did it now!

What To Do About Burnout! - Episode 8

What to do about burnout in software development!

The Secrets Of Technical Book Publishing - Episode 7

In this episode Dylan and Erik look at technical book publshing. As a developer how do you get a book deal, what should you expect, should you do self publishing or not? And what to expect if you work with a publisher!

An Introduction To Side Projects For Developers - Episode 6

What sort of side projects can developer have? Why should you have one? Let's begin!

Living In An Agile World Episode 5

What is like to work in an Agile software development team? What should you expect? In this episode Dylan and Erik talk about their experiences work on Agile teams, and we discuss what exactly is Agile.

How To Not Fail That Technical Interview - Episode 4

Here are the strategies you need to take to pass that technical interview! This includes traditional white boarding interviews and take home tests!

Code Mentorship In 45 Minutes - Episode 3

in this episode we discuss the strategies behind mentorship. We deep dive into what mentorship is, how you can help others, and how you can be mentored. This can really give your career a boost!

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